Select Page

Step One

Select the “Create a Page” This will open a blank page.


Step Two

Give your page a title. Add your title under the text “Add New Page”


Step Three

Click the “Use Divi Page Builder” button.  This will open the page builder.


Step Four

Click “Publish” This is a blue button on the right-hand side of the page editor.  Wait for the page to properly refresh after you have clicked publish.


Step Five

Click “View Page” you will find this at the top of the editor in a black bar.


Step Six

Copy the URL and then paste it in a word document so that you can retrieve the page if you exit and return at a later time or date.


Step Seven

Have Fun!

After completing these steps select click here to go back to the dashboard.  Or select the “Dashboard” Tab in the top left corner of the black sidebar.  When you are back in the dashboard I recommend watching the following tutorials:

Page Builder Overview – Visual Builder Overview – Using Premade Layouts – Divi Library – Divi Sections – Rows & Row Options

These tutorials will provide you with a good understanding of the page builder and enough knowledge to start building your own page.

You will find lots of premade page layouts in the library that you can freely use and practice with.