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Important pages you must add to your website

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If you recently made your WordPress website. You are likely to wonder what important pages you’ll need to add to your site.

So the first page on our list is the

1. About Page

The about Page helps your audience know what your website is about, what you sell and what your blogs are about, you can give brief information about yourself on the about page. You can name this page About me or about us. 

The about me page is also used on almost every website on the internet.

The second Page on our list is

2. Contact Page

Your blog readers, advertisers, and potential business partners all need to find your contact information. The contact page is something that you need on your website. A contact page will allow your visitors to send you messages or learn how to connect with you without leaving a public comment on your blog.

Making a contact form will make it easy for your audience to contact you. You can also add your social media pages to offer more ways to connect with you.

3. Disclaimer Page

Why is the disclaimer page important on your website? If you are earning money on your WordPress website, then you will have to add a disclaimer page. 

This helps your audience know about how you make money on your website For example, if you promote affiliate products, then you can inform users that this is how your content is monetized.

The next page I’ll talk about is

4. Privacy Policy Page

The privacy policy page informs your audience about how you collect data on your website and how you and other third parties may use this data.

Even if you are not collecting user data, third-party tools like Google Analytics can still set cookies. 

You’ll be able to find lots of Privacy policy templates and generators online. You can also go to any website and check their Privacy policy page so you can get an idea of what it looks like and use that idea to create your own from scratch.

5. Products / Services Page

If you are using an eCommerce platform like WoCommerce to sell products. It will automatically create a shop page for you so you could easily add it to your navigation menu. 

However, if you are selling products or offering services without using an eCommerce plugin, you will need to create a page for your products/service.

6. Custom 404 page

WordPress or another platform you are using will automatically display a 404 error page when it cannot find a specific piece of content. However, the 404 page is plain and is not useful.

But we can fix that by making a custom 404 page by replacing that plain page with a custom 404 error page and giving your audience more opportunities to discover content and continue browsing.

7. Advertise Page

Lots of bloggers rely on ads to monetize their content. The easiest way to do this is by signing up for Google AdSense.

So first, you’ll need to create an “Advertise” page with information about available ad spots, your average monthly page views, and your audience demographics. And, don’t forget to add a contact form at the end of the page so the advertisers can contact you.

8. Write for us Page

If you are running a multi-author blog and are looking for more writers, then you will need a “write for us” page, this page will allow users who are looking for blogging gigs to discover the writing opportunity on your website.

you can also use this page to tell your users what your blog is about and what kind of content you are looking for.


if you find this list and information helpful, please feel free to add these pages to your website! if, you have a friend or family member that has a website but don’t know what pages he/she needs to add, consider sharing this blog with them and around the globe!

Thank you!

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