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Is the Divi Page Builder Worth it?

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In this Review, Im going to be talking about the Divi Theme & Page Builder created by elegant themes. The WordPress theme became popular around the globe and gained a lot of users with loads of positive reviews and 2.8 million Site owners using the Divi Theme & Page Builder.
The Divi Theme & Page Builder makes it easy for people with no coding skills to simply build their websites with Divi’s easy to use features.

What is Divi?

Divi is a powerful WordPress theme made by elegant themes. Divi Theme & Page Builder makes it easy for beginners and web designers to use, and not only it is easy to use, but you can also gain access to loads of layouts, website packs, and loads of cool features to build your website!

Plus, you can buy child themes, extensions, and layouts for your website from the Elegant Themes Third-Party Marketplace for 5$-20$.

And, you’ll be able to use Divi Page Builder for any WordPress Theme or the Divi theme which uses the Page Builder.

My Experience With The Divi Page Builder

I’ve been using Divi Theme & Page Builder for four months. When I started using the Divi Theme & Page Builder for the first time, it took time for me to get used to it. And, after practising and learning how to use it, I finally got the hang of it and started making stunning websites quickly and easily with ease. And the best part is that I didn’t come across any piece of code when building the website! I’m proud to say that it is one of the best and easiest Page Builder to use when building a website. 

And instead of using CSS to add shadows, hover effects, or animations etc. The Divi Page Builder can allow you to add all those effects with just a few clicks!

For example, if you want to add shadows to your text or images. Simply go to the modules settings by clicking the gear icon on the image module. And then, click the *Design* Tab and scroll down till you see Shadows. If you want to add shadows to your text or Header Text. 

Click the text module’s gear icon and then click the *Design* tab. After that, click on text or header text  (if you want to add a shadow on your header) and scroll down till you see Text Shadow and then choose any shadow you want to add and adjust a few settings to make the shadow look better!

How Much Does The the Divi Theme Cost?

When purchasing the Divi Theme or Page builder, it will cost you $89 yearly and, if you have enough budget for a lifetime, it will cost you $249.

Divi’s Documentation

Once you finish installing the Divi Theme & Page Builder,  I recommend that you check out Divi’s Documentation Page to learn more about exporting and importing websites and learn about the back-end. And, While you are there, you will find loads of tutorials and articles on how to use the Divi Theme.

Tools you get with the Divi Theme & Page Builder

When you purchase the Divi Theme & Page Builder, you will have access to 2 premium plugins and one theme.

• Plugins



• Theme

Extra Theme

Bloom is an email opt-in that helps you grow your email list. The Bloom opt-in plugin works by adding opt-in forms to your website, and each form can connect to your email marketing or email newsletter software.
Monarch is a social media sharing plugin that helps get more followers and shares by adding the *Share Post* call to action button on different parts of your website. So anyone who visits your site can share your website on any social media platform.
Extra is a magazine theme of the Divi Page Builder and is extended to categories and has a new set of post-based modules. The Extra theme is fully customizable and even comes with loads of page templates you can use in different situations.

Now that I’ve talked about what Divi is, How much it cost, and what Divi has to offer. This Divi Theme & Page Builder will save you lots of time creating your websites without using any code! If you found this blog helpful, Feel free to share this post with your Family, Friends and around the globe!


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