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What is Divi 4.0 & How Does It Work

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What is Divi 4.0?

Divi 4.0 is a new version of Divi with newly added features that changes how we build websites. The release of Divi 4.0 is so big that it’s been called a game-changer.

The Divi theme and Divi Page builder allows you to build your website with ease. With its Visual builder and drag and drop feature and its other elements, you can use it to make your website stand out.

How does the Divi Builder work?

Divi has 3 main structural elements that are used to build your page Sections, Rows and Modules.

Let’s start with the first element.

1. Section

The Section is where you can group your content, add your row and add your modules for adding text, etc. With the section, you can add a background colour or background images to make your website stand out.

-What can we do in the section element?

With the section, you can add.

Background images

You can add your own custom background to your website.

Background Colours and Gradient Backgrounds

With this feature in section settings, you can add colours to your background and add background gradients. You can also add a colour/gradient background over your background image to make the website eye-catching.

Parallax effect

With this feature in section settings, you can enable this effect and give your website a 3D effect when scrolling down.


You can add inner shadows to your section, to give it a 3D look.


Adding animations to your website can make your website pop by giving it a 3D effects just like the Shadow feature.

2. Rows

 When you add a row, you can put it together by adding a module in a column and dividing your rows to add more columns.


How does the Row element Work?

With the row element, you can divide it into how many columns you want and add modules like texts, a blog post for your blog page, Images, Forms, etc. 


With the Row Section, you can.

Add Background Color/Gradient.

Add Margins and Padding.

Add Shadows.

Add Borders.

Add animations.

Add multiple columns.


The last element is Modules.

3. Modules

The Divi Module section has over 63 modules you can use to add to your website. The Modules is like sections and rows, you can edit the background, add borders, shadows, animations in each module like Text, Buttons, Bar counters, Circle Counters, Audio and much more!


How Does The Module Element work?

The Module Section allows you to use 63 elements like text, Buttons, Bar counters, Circle Counters, Audio, etc.

and in each element in the module section, you can edit the background, add borders, shadows, animations and a lot more!



Now you know what the 3 main elements do in Divi, You can start creating the website you dreamed of today! If you find this blog helpful, please share this with your family, friends and across the globe! Thank you.


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