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Moon Elf

Description: A smaller than average race, Moon Elves are a shunned race that has separated themselves from other societies. Having been driven deep into the forest, they now make their homes in the deepest and darkest part of Soando. Their homes are shrouded in darkness, as light has not reached their lands for many ages. Because of this their skin has become a black color that marks them distinguishable from all other races. Moon Elves tend to be nimble and have an affinity for magic. Moon Elves have a reputation of being mysterious and often keep to themselves. While moon elves are very versatile, they are best known as rogues and mages.

Advantages: Moon Elves can purchase Resist Charm or Resist Light once every 5 levels at a cost of 40 xp per resist. By hunting in the dark woods for ages, Moon Elves have become adept at using the crossbow and thus get +2 base damage while using them.

Disadvantages: Being thin and frail, Moon Elves suffer –1 starting Body Points and –5 maximum Body Points, furthermore they cannot purchase 2-handed melee weapon skills.

Costume Requirement: Black make-up on all exposed skin, pointed ears, and white hair, constellation like tattoos are a must in white coloration.



Description: Dwarves are a stout race that can often be found in the mountain regions. Because they have an affinity for metal and stone craftsmanship, a great deal of dwarves frequent mines and the like. Dwarves tend to shun water and are generally short tempered. Since dwarves are gifted with a hearty constitution, they appreciate strong ale, which is often followed by an exaggerated tale. Dwarves make great fighters, as their health aids their combat durability.

Advantages: Dwarves get +1 starting Body Point, +3 maximum Body Points. They can also purchase mining and archeology at half cost and Resist Poison once every 5 levels at a cost of 40 Exp. per resist.

Disadvantages: Dwarves pay double for ranged weapon skills and must pay double for Read Magic.

Costume Requirement: Whether male or female dwarves must have a full beard whether it is real or fake. Short and stocky dwarves are preferred, thus any character deemed as such will receive an additional +1 starting and maximum Body Point.



Description: Half Orcs are what some barbaric people call the half breed of the real thing. Others call them Hybrids. However Half Orcs are a strong and powerful race. They tend to be rare where you would see a lot of people gathered. But a few pop up every now and then. Enemies of a Half Orc have been brought to there knees but underestimating a Half Orcs immense health and strength. Because of a Half Orcs lack of intellect. They usually follow the calling of a warrior or something of the sort. Some Half Orcs have taken the path of a caster but they are few and rare.

Advantages: Half orcs have a +1 starting body point and a maximum of +4 body points. They also can learn Read/Write. And can purchase spell slots at normal cost.

Disadvantages: Half orcs must purchase Read Magic at double the cost and take double damage from fire.

Costume Requirement: Half Orcs must have green make up on all exposed skin and the number of tusks chosen.



Description: Humans are the most versatile of all races. It is hard to stereotype humans, because they seem to act all over the spectrum. From the most outgoing, to the most reclusive types, humans can be found displaying just about any and all traits. Humans are equally good at any profession, since they suffer no deterrents.

Advantages: +1 base Damage using a bow.

Disadvantages: none

Costume Requirement: none


Half Elf

Description: Elves are smaller than humans, with a slender build and pointed ears, however the Half-Elf is a crossbreed of the two races and are much taller than normal elves but shorter still than humans.. Agile and smart, they feel most comfortable in the wild. At one with nature, Elves have long sought nature’s aura. Their temperament can vary much like humans, but they all share the love of nature. Elves believe strongly that nature holds the worlds magic and will do what they can do preserve its presence. While most make their home within the forests of Myranda, a good many Elves have made their way into other civilizations. Half- Elves are hated from both races as a cross between the two and are shunned by them in society. Many of the Half Elves are forced into slavery and are looked at as scum who have no business in society.

Advantages: Half-elves get a +1 starting body and a +5 maximum body, and can purchase a Resist Sleep at 40xp per resist once every 5 levels.

Disadvantages: Half-elves cannot weild two handed melee weapons and must purchase Healing Arts at double the cost.

Costume Requirements: Must wear pointed ears of Half the height of other elves. Most of which have a brand that is from a past Slaver however, this is not a requirement.



Description: Goblins are the wild Faeries of the woods and are known for their mischief. They are usually regarded as useless by their race and have very few possessions so they are adept to thievery. Most goblins stay away from large crowds unless it is a crowd of Goblins. They are attracted to shiny metal and coins and pretty much anything that is luminescent. Be careful around these, they’ll steal the shoes right off your feet as you’re standing. However, they are highly allergic to Iron and cannot stand to hold or be around it within 10 ft. Each goblin has a special power that the Plot Team will dictate at Character creation.

Advantages: Goblins can purchase WayLay and Pick locks at half cost. At 15th level, they also can purchase Shadowstep for 40xp per ability.

Disadvantages: Goblins start off with a -2 body and a maximum of -5 body. They cannot weild anything larger than a short sword and are very limited to the magic they can use.

Make Up Requirements: All exposed skin must be a dark greenish tint and have long pointed ears that are also green. Hair does not have a specific color.


Undead Revenant

Description: The undead are the horror of your childhood. They kill what they can, take what they need, and have no sense of morality. Costumed by hatred for all other races, they are only there for one reason. To get the Crystal. They are big, bulky, grotesque and evil. They are everything involved with death. They heal themselves by eating the rotten flesh of the dead and seek only more to consume the void in their empty hearts. However, their minds (as much free will as they can have) are being dominated to where they do follow the will of the Wizard when in his presence.

Advantages: Undead are unnaturally powerful and can start off with a +1 strength to their swing and will receive an additional +1 strength for every 5 levels. Also, Undead take no effects from metabolic effects such as poison or disease.

Disadvantages: Undead take double damage from slashing and life taglines. As such, they cannot be healed conventionally with a life tagline, instead they heal from the Plague tagline. Due to lack of morality, Undead cannot purchase First Aid. They cannot be spell casters due to the fact of control of the wizard.

Make up Requirements: Must paint all exposed skin white and have dark black circles around their eyes as well as the appearance of sunken skin. Hair if any, must be colored a pale blue or green.



Description: These are the bubbly and mischievous race. They are prone to induce laughter and can charm a person with one look. They don’t all have wings where some do. Most have various colors in their hair and glitter constantly. Goblin and Orcs are a descendant of this race and as such share the same blood but that is all. Otherwise they have no correlation. Faerie are only a part of society to maintain face value. They have no interest in politics or government.

Advantages: May purchase Charm Person for 40xp once every 5 levels. If they have wings they always flutter making them immune to rooting effects, however other binds still work. Cannot fly, only hover. Hover is recognized by a lit glow stick of personal choice on color.

Disadvantages: Cannot wield anything larger than a dagger and usually stick to magical effects. They start of with -2 armor points because of their wings and bodies are so brittle and up to a maximum of -5 armor points.



Description: A race full of Brass and Brawn. They pride themselves with their strength and brutality. They believe they are the strongest of all races and seek ways to make themselves stronger. They are the ritualistic type of race and seek out the weak and scrawny types to do all the labor intensive work where they only fight. Orcs also shun and abuse half orcs and once they spot one, they continue to mock and torment them until they deem it fit to be over.

Advantages: Due to their stature, Orcs get an additional +2 starting strength and Body points with a maximum of +6 strength and body points. Also, they have a naturally hard skin, so they get an additional +2 armor that regenerates when they eat.

Disadvantages: Because of their skill set, Orcs cannot learn Read/Write on their own. It must be taught to them. Also, they cannot practice any magic unless it is ritualistic. If they decide that course, they must purchase Read Magic and double the cost as well as all spell slots. Orcs also take double damage from Fire.

Costume Requirements: Orcs must have 2 large tusks and have green make up on all exposed skin. All their armor will consist of some sort of fur.